09 July 2006

Wood is the new black.

Well my weekend is almost over which is a shame but I feel optimistic about the coming week.

Yesterday was a gorgeous clear day so we packed up our kit and went for a leisurely drive around the bays, on the lurk for some decent fish 'n chips.
As we veered around a corner, I was awestruck by the finest example of customised wooden bling and pimped out craftmanship I have ever seen (okay I'm stretching it a wee bit but it was interesting none-the-less) and naturally I was all over it - (Readers of an earlier post would know I have a thing for wood and have even managed to have my submission for "good as wood" accepted in 'The Urban Dictionary').

Here are some photograph's, which regrettably do no justice to what can only be described as a labour of love, a triumph of dedication and a testimony to man's unquestionable domination over the wood world ...

*UPDATE* How easily impressed and whakama (ashamed) am I after laying down phat tautoko (props) and not caring to mention our proud Maori heritage of wood carving and Marae Craftmanship? - Special thanks go out to the crew for the heads up and for dropping true school science on my dopey indigenous ass.

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