08 July 2006

Are you in my pocket like so many nickles and dimes?

I've stolen this idea from friend of mine (Glenn who is a 'Ginger Kid', but we're not holding that against him right now) he first told me this idea 3 or 4 years ago and much like trepanning I've toiled over having it done ever since.
I've approached several plastic surgeons both here and abroad but I am yet to receive any positive news and I guess I'm asking for some assistance from any readers out there who might be in a position to help me in my quest and therefore put this matter to rest. Here's the email.

Hello Dr. Calcinai

My serious enquiry is whether it would be possible via plastic surgery to attach a pocket/pouch to my abdomen similar to one commonly found on a hooded sweatshirt?
If a pocket like this is not possible, in your opinion could you recommend any dimensions for a similar fully functional pocket? Even if it was only big enough to hold a few small items such as car keys, wallet and credit cards.
Finally what is your realistic expectation for the total costing of undergoing such a procedure?
Thank you very much for taking the time to consider the enquiry, I eagerly look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,
Erueti Brown.

From the dozens of emails I have sent, I've currently only received one response that I'll post here.

From: Wellington Plastic Surgery Institute
To: Erueti Brown
Re: Serious Enquiry

Dear Erueti
Unfortunately this is not possible.
Regards Judith

Now is it just me, or does this seem like a cop out? Surely if they can reconstruct the face of a woman burnt in a house fire, or build a vagina for a man to make him feel more complete, the only issue with slapping a pocket on me would be "is that with or without a button or zipper seal?"
Thusly here in lies the challenge. Are there any surgeons who currently do or would do the said cosmetic modification and if so, for how much?


By Erueti Brown with 3 comments

3 Jabber?:

OMG - how handy would that be? Like the secret pocket in running shorts, but without the running shorts! I love it! Although, for us girls, it may be too much extra bulk for the form fitting Lululemons that we love so much!

It's a majopr copout. "Not possible"? A reason might be nice, hmmm?

Now, Korea has the largest demand for cosmetic surgery in the world, the favourite operation being 'blephoraplasty', a slit in the eyelid to produce the effect of an epicathal fold. I figure Korean surgeons will be more willing to flex a little creative muscle, but then again, there are terror-political considerations as well.

sorry, i should have included this link of before and after photos: http://www.drmeronk.com/asian/asian-eyelid-photos3.html
They call it single eyelid to double eyelid operation. I have fun in my classes trying to pick the ones who've had surgery and those who have a natural double.

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