10 July 2006

Here's A Stupid way to Increase your Blog Traffic.

I been wrestling with the consequences and I figure I deserve being baked under the spotlight of the NSA and their Eschelon Project and whatever other trolls this post will no doubt trawl for even considering posting this, but here goes.
(I'll even help you guys out by highlighting the keywords you'll be looking for)

It occurred to me yesterday while filling the car up with petrol, that if I was a Domestic Terrorist/Suicide Bomber who hated the American presence in the Middle East solely for the expressed interest in the control over the flow of Oil, how easy and more terrifying would it be if I just blew myself up at the petrol station instead of some random bus or street corner? Now I guess we'll all be paranoid (and vigilant) because as a byproduct of our convenient/instant gratification culture, gas stations are f--ken everywhere.

Another thing I've been wondering about is if I hated the hipocrisy of everything the American Infidels stand for wouldn't celebrites make for an easy obvious target?
Just imagine how really annoying the Paparazzi would be if some of them had bombs strapped to their chests.

By Erueti Brown with 1 comment

1 Jabber?:

A really good way to increase blog traffic is by naming crappy celebrities that people are obsessed with. I did that a few posts ago and there are so many people who have arrived at my blog via this crappy celebrity's name.

Hmmm, I wonder which one of your keywords will result in the most traffic?

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