04 July 2006

Donna Huata can taste my sacks.

This one's for you Donna Awatere Huata. It's too bad your vision and passion to set up a 4 minute reading programme to teach young Maori to read wasn't as driven as your passion for dipping into the kitty now and then eh girl? Which is a shame because outside of that brilliant 4 minutes a day reading programme, you had your fingers in quite afew other tasty pies didn't you? Thanks again for the opportunity to dress up and prance around in Versace at Parliament for the day (I can't believe you asked security to not to admit the models who stayed behind to clean up to your little fahionista afterparty Donna! ) and may I say that this certificate you presented to me afterward is exactly the kind of thing employers look for in a resume when hiring Maori. Well done.

By Erueti Brown with No comments

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