13 July 2006

Too Much Coffee Man?

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I am prepared to admit it.
I might have a bit of a drinking problem.
I am a Caffiend. But at least for now, I am a functioning Caffiend.

I get up around 5:45am and start up with a fresh glass of 'V8' fruit juice and a Berocca tablet. Then I try to get into the gallery just before 7am, usually sucking back my first red bull of the day as I open the front doors.

By 7:15am, I've seasoned my machine, sorted my grind and as the even flowrate of 9 Atmospheric bars of pressure work their way through the first of four 18gram doses, I watch the extractions drip..drip..drip then gently drop like mousetails into my ceramic demitasse cups, releasing their flavours and oils with the crema steadily building a familiar figure 8 strange attractor pattern through the chaotic turbulence of the viscous fluid.

7:30am and so far I've had at least or for the most part anywhere from 2-6 short shots of coffee, a red bull (or two), the better part of 1 litre of water and I'm finally ready to open the doors.

Thoughout the day, I generally sample extractions between grind changes to maintain extraction quality control and keep within 'the zone', so on an average day it's not uncommon for me to consume anywhere between 5-12 double shots over a 9 hour period. That's not inclusive of energy drinks or the times when I actually feel like a coffee.

And yes, because you must be wondering, I do quite frequently overdose.
Giddiness, headaches, sweats, heart palpitations, tunnel vision, fleeting speech patterns, concentration, short and long term memory problems, mole people visitations and psyhic apocalyptic visions - are just some of the things I try not to think about while I 'ride that twisting dragon out'.
Links and thanks go out to Too Much Coffee Man & Espresso Porn


By Erueti Brown with 1 comment

1 Jabber?:

Oh my gosh! That's a crazy amount of caffiene!!!

I get the shakes if I drink 2 coffees. I'm a wimp.

What does a red bull even taste like? They rather frighten me, so I've never had one.

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