04 August 2007

Earth Turds.

Long ago I came to accept that I am inflicted with an inquisitive weka nature(pdf); meaning I am attracted to bright shiny objects and easily captivated by the trappings of flashy marketing gimmicks. Naturally, possessing such a predilection is in parts both a blessing and a curse.

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As an example: My 'My Little Cthulhu Vinyl Figure' above epitomises a shining moment or taste of the blessing, where-as these 'Earth-gems' below typify the most recent embodiment or sting of the stupid curse.

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These so-called 'Earth-Gems', jewel of the Mighty Incan empire, taste like boiled radishes and are in fact nothing but multicoloured clumps of trendy hippy organic bullshit.

Fellow wekas, don't be taken in! These are not Earth-Gems.
These are fucking Earth Gems!

By Erueti Brown with 4 comments

4 Jabber?:

hello babe! thank you so much for your comment on hipermoderna... in portuguese! =) that's fantastic, how did you learn portuguese?
anyway, thanx for your kind words, babe, your blog is very cool too! ^^

cheers! =D

those earth gems look like nerdz candy and are making me hungry.

They are actaully making me very hungy and I am wondering if the 7-11 near work has nerds, although hippi radishes are a bit of a turn off. I just wanted to say thank-you for saving my from that teridaktyl i really would have been a goner if it weren't for you. You went all Land of the Lost on its ass, and I appreciate it.

It's been awhile since I've visited you, and I love the new look. Also, I don't know if your "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate" saying is new, or if I just missed it in the past, but it made me laugh out loud. You know that I'm going to use that as a bad joke when I go back to teaching high school science in a couple of weeks. :)

Shiny things are awesome.