18 August 2007

A Horse Is A Horse.. Helen Clark on Bebo?

It seems that Helen Clark, our New Zealand Prime Minister and one of the most powerful women in World Politics (tipped to be a future Secretary-General of the United Nations) is on bebo.

Now I'm not saying Helen looks like a horse or anything (even though she has taken us Maori for a ride) but I bet if someone strapped a horn to her forehead she'd bear an uncanny resemblance to a constipated unicorn. See...
...Speaking of constipated unicorns, our "Marsh-Mallow factory" threadless T-shirts arrived in the mail today and I couldn't be happier with them. I think the expression of the unicorn is very Helen-esque. Lovin' it!

By Erueti Brown with 1 comment

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That picture is funny but I would go that far putting a horn on Helen's head to make her look like unicorn.