22 July 2007

FascinAsian #3 (and a whinge)

Perhaps something was lost in translation but I just couldn't resist adding this hilarious jewel to my shopping basket while in the Grocery|Spice Shop 'Moshims' located on Wilson Street in Newtown.

It's probably a good time to mention to anyone not familiar that Moshims' complete absence of good customer service is redeemed by their vast exotic variety.

*To the owners of Moshims: while I will continue to frequent your establishment, your often cold unhelpful customer service naturally leaves a lot to be desired. Every question about where to find a particular item seems to be followed by an almost scornful look and uninterested scripted response of "it's somewhere down near the back", of your cluttered somewhat confusing Smithsonian archive.

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17 July 2007

The number of the day is Ten

Oh the memories. If I was still a rowdy up-to-no-goodnik, I'd soo be tilting a 40 and pwning a mad blunt for this old skool classic!

And, after decades of being shelved away in my subconscious I've found him ... the clumsy baker who falls down the stairs with all the deserts, makes his appearance right at the end of this clip - (voiced over by the man Jim Henson himself).

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02 July 2007

Pownce Invites - I've got some to give away!

Kevin Rose's (founder of social-bookmarking site Digg) newest exciting app 'Pownce' launched today and guess which friendly neighbourhood Māori managed to acquire some brand spanking new invitations?

So what's Pownce?

It's a way to send 'stuff' (messages, files, links, and events) to your friends. You can share your stuff with all of them, just a few of them, or even just one person - really fast. Only the people you choose get to see what you send. Kind of like CC’ing an email, only recipients can see and respond to what you send. You can make public notes too that (you guessed it) the public at large can read and respond to as well. I noticed that some propeller head has Pownce up and running on Facebook, so expect to see an explosion or implosion of user generated social content over the next few days.

If you're wondering where your invite to join Pownce is, just leave your email in a comment, ( eg. john.smith(at)gmail.com, to fool those lousy spambots), below this post and I'll send you one out.

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