24 June 2006

Someone 2.0

  • Someone needs to create an applet that does not allow a new visitor access to a Maori content site without an ePorwhiri.
  • Someone needs to design and synergise USB/WiFi sex toys with some sort of P2P network, for more organic meaningful cybersex.
  • Someone needs to patent a portable external womb, with an artificial umbilical cord, rejunvenating nutrient cell pack and double ended gene specific socket that, once fitted either parent could plug into.
  • Someone needs to create a nonlarm clock, for session specific designer sleep programs, utilizing self hypnosis, EEG brainwave modulation and personal affirmation.
  • Someone needed to comeup with something really fast for their daily post to 'Eru's LifeCache' today.

By Erueti Brown with 3 comments

3 Jabber?:

Well, atlease ONE of those has been done:


And someone's done kind of something in the sleep gadget dept:

Man you Quest Software guys are ninjas.