15 June 2006

Dr. StrangePost or how I learned to stop worrying and learned to love the atomic blog.

Sometimes I, like most of people from time to time, find this whole blogging epidemic pandemic a grinding bitch.
I won't dwell on the point, but now that I'm working full time, I wonder how the 'great ones' out there constantly pull it out every day. That's dedication man. That's Stamina. That's madd as love for your peeps, and much like the greedy wank, (you know, the lazy one you bang out after the good one, when a whole new set of unseen porn galleries in your favourite genre suddenly appears), I'm inspired!

After a painful template redesign and several go-nowhere ideas, I've decided to settle for a simple enough goal and I'd like to make the following promise to any and all readers past current and future of 'Eru's LifeCache'.
I Erueti Brown, will henceforth endeavor to post something to 'Eru's LifeCache' (worthwhile or not) on a daily basis (probably evening NZ time so that's +12hrs for most of you).

So there you have it. See you tomorrow.


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