13 October 2006

Graagh, Brains!

Well it's Friday the 13th and Iam back home after attending and surviving our capitals 1st Zombie march. (After party should be kicking off around 3pm at the Massey Student Union Common Room for any welly interested).

While sadly not participating as a member of the 50 deep seething horde, (I noticed there weren't any Maori zombies. That's probably because as a deeply spiritual people, we have a natural immunity to zombie bites, and not because of the quality of our brains lol!) I had hoped to bait a few twitchers into a wee chase by hanging a sign around my neck that read "Mrh?", but my in joke backfired as it would seem the only mmrpg jive this "Zmobie" (not a spelling mistake, a "Zmobie" is a mob of zombies) crew might be hip to is "World of War Craft" based and not "Urban Dead". These are the only pictures which managed to come out semi okay.

Anyway props and mad zombie love to the march organisers. I'm already looking forward to the next one. Graagh!

From Zombie March
* Oh and for any UD Zed spies or twitchers looking to get rowdy, my Urban Dead Nick is "eruasskicker". I'm in the bottom righthand quadrant of Caiger and like all members in the 'CMS' set, I've got your Barhah right here sucker.

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