07 October 2006

Quick review of the weekend.

From oct 08
So Coca-Cola I've noticed has decided to bring 'Mello Yellow ' back from the nostalgic 80's and once again onto the supermarket shelves, but this time as a limited edition soft drink.
Limited edition? WTF is this the start of? Next it'll be an invite only line of limited edition BAPE bottle tops? F--ken otaku. *speaking of BAPE and otaku, love him or hate him if you haven't checked out Nigos awesome UK pad or his even crazier toy collection, get ready too cry. link
Also there have been some other strange goings on in the imported beer aisle of my supermarket. Monty Python Holy Grail Beer? Pink Elephant Delirium Beer and this label just begs the question - "Is my pilot downing a pint before, during, or after takeoff?".

What else has happened across my radar this weekend?
Oh that's right, Keisha castle Hugh's, (Of 'Whale Rider', 'Star Wars' and Princes 'Cinnamon Girl' fame), is sixteen now and as if to prove shes all grown up, she's gotten herself all knocked up. Our shy little Kiwi, Paikia is preggers. Aww...

I guess that's about it, apart from this Alligator (or Crocodile) handbag we saw amongst the hipster treasures in 'Hunters and Collectors' today. Crikey!

From oct 08

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You seem the boy of E.T. with hood....Great!!!. I invite to you to pass through my blog, that I need a flag more. A greeting!!!

mello yello, oh yeah, with fish n chips in front of the telly on a friday night. lush case of nostalgia right there