18 October 2006

Seinfield, Weird Al, the Vulture, H20 and Coke syrup.

Here's a quick link dump of 5ive things that have absorbed my time over the last week.

1. Forgive me if I'm last again to pickup on this but did you know for some reason there's a reference to "Super Man" in every single Seinfeld episode? Yep, every single one, so don't bother checking and oh yeah, there's also the Amex campaign.

2. Speaking of reference drops. What's up with Weird Al and his strange obsession with the number twenty seven? It's a little spooky.

3. If you're a reader of Vultures Droppings, you would have noticed how on-point their way-out tongue and cheek fashion predictions turn out to be. (A few of their predictions have been: The advent of skull and crossbones on everything, retro pink unicorns and rainbows on undersized tees/jumpers and the mysterious rise of the handkerchief as neckerchief). Their Autumn pick for guys scares me a little - so get ready for the soon-to-be-spotted-on-a-hipster-near-you essential fashion item: The "balki vest"? LOL, come on guys say it aint so!

4. Has designer water gotten as out of hand as it is expensive? Bling water wtf! via neatorama.

5. Noticed this on boingboing. Deep Fried Coca Cola batter drizzled in cola syrup and topped with whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and a cherry. Mmm, hearty and healthy!

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