05 October 2006

Wave your Poo Flag high.

If you've ever spent any time lurking around sidewalk curbs or spying lawn frontages desperate for a worthy turd, then I know how you feel. Poo flagging might be immature sure, but it's addictive.

I think the current "Bush-turding" craze - while worthy - is just the tip of the cloaca and comparable to thinking you've done something incredible by encircling the moon between your thumb and forefinger. For impact, its best to think globally while striking locally. Whether you're a jilted ex-lover or an unhappy customer, opportunities abound so stick it to that poo!

As a rule of thumb perhaps it's best to remember that old Austin Powers adage:

"Who does number two work for?"

Poo-vertising. It's subversive as f--k!

From Don Brash Poo...

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