07 July 2006

11:11 the magic posting hour.

I'm pretty useless this week. I've left it all too late and now I'm both stuck and out of time for an idea to suddenly surface for today's daily post. I guess while I await an epiphany, you could attempt 'Einsteins maze', probably the hardest maze I've ever come across and after more than a year, I am still yet to solve it. So good luck.

Oh BTW 2 more things.

I was over at datapimp yesterday and 'Pimped out my web address'. It's really just a redirector, but I've noticed a few regular readers find their way here via a google search for 'Eru+Brown'.
So now I've fixed it so also have the option of reaching 'Eru's LifeCache' through these url's also:

  • erus.fucksicle.com
  • erueti.datapimp.org
  • erubrown.assdog.com
Secondly, while I'm on the subject of how people end up on my blog, someone recently found their way in via a google seach for "Anus + protruding Snakes". I have your ISP number you perverted little worm.

By Erueti Brown with 1 comment

1 Jabber?:

Wow. I'm impressed that you post daily. :)

Yeah, it's totally funny the searches that people do and end up at your blog. People find my blog through searches like "drunk ficus plant" and the like.

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