14 November 2006

I dream of Kiwi.

Lately I've been feeling in tune with our national bird's shy yet complex nature. I've been nocturnal, elusive and somewhat reclusive while scurrying in the dark and keeping to myself.
So seeing as this little Kiwi finally feels the conditions are safe enough to poke a beak out and emerge from my otherwise safe and warm confines, here are two clips for all Kiwi both home and away. One that will melt your heart, and one you have always held close to it.


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04 November 2006

Cheesy Nuts.

This evening while I was making a quick salad with rocket, baby spinach and feta cheese, Sue happened to notice something that puzzled us both listed on the feta cheese label.

"May contain trace elements of nuts".

From Strange Label
Why is that? Are they feeding the cows nuts, or is it simply because once a month they shut down the cheese factory and make peanut butter? I don't know, but maybe someone out there knows why and could shed some light on our little dilemma.

Also, does anyone know the process used to get the 'M's on all the M & M's? I can Imagine thousands of M & M's laid out on an enormous tray and a huge stamp, but I think it's more likely that they pass through a rolling printer on a conveyor belt of some sort.

So in either case if you have an idea or a theory I'd love to hear from you.

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