14 November 2006

I dream of Kiwi.

Lately I've been feeling in tune with our national bird's shy yet complex nature. I've been nocturnal, elusive and somewhat reclusive while scurrying in the dark and keeping to myself.
So seeing as this little Kiwi finally feels the conditions are safe enough to poke a beak out and emerge from my otherwise safe and warm confines, here are two clips for all Kiwi both home and away. One that will melt your heart, and one you have always held close to it.


By Erueti Brown with 5 comments

5 Jabber?:

classic cousin. although I did think the first one was going to be a politcal view on student loans I must say I was happy to see him fly, although if he had the goggles you think he would put them on...


awww... that's adorable

Kia Ora from the other end of the country. Boy, what a classic the TV2 one is. I have mentioned it on my blog "Kelvin A Memory Always".

Kia Ora & Seasons Greetings, Eru. Hope you have a good xmas.

Kia Ora - me, again !!! Hope you had a good night/morning where-ever you were when the clock stuck 12. All the best for the New Year Eru. Take care !!!