18 August 2007

A Horse Is A Horse.. Helen Clark on Bebo?

It seems that Helen Clark, our New Zealand Prime Minister and one of the most powerful women in World Politics (tipped to be a future Secretary-General of the United Nations) is on bebo.

Now I'm not saying Helen looks like a horse or anything (even though she has taken us Maori for a ride) but I bet if someone strapped a horn to her forehead she'd bear an uncanny resemblance to a constipated unicorn. See...
...Speaking of constipated unicorns, our "Marsh-Mallow factory" threadless T-shirts arrived in the mail today and I couldn't be happier with them. I think the expression of the unicorn is very Helen-esque. Lovin' it!

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04 August 2007

Earth Turds.

Long ago I came to accept that I am inflicted with an inquisitive weka nature(pdf); meaning I am attracted to bright shiny objects and easily captivated by the trappings of flashy marketing gimmicks. Naturally, possessing such a predilection is in parts both a blessing and a curse.

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As an example: My 'My Little Cthulhu Vinyl Figure' above epitomises a shining moment or taste of the blessing, where-as these 'Earth-gems' below typify the most recent embodiment or sting of the stupid curse.

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These so-called 'Earth-Gems', jewel of the Mighty Incan empire, taste like boiled radishes and are in fact nothing but multicoloured clumps of trendy hippy organic bullshit.

Fellow wekas, don't be taken in! These are not Earth-Gems.
These are fucking Earth Gems!

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