28 May 2007

It's not rocket surgery ...

Well obviously a considerable length of time has elapsed since I have been able to post any new updates to the blog - but to any of you who know me - All those allegations were proven to be 100% unfounded and may I also mention that the old adage "No body no crime" still applies in almost 60% of New Zealand criminal law cases resulting in an acquittal ...

And so with my new found freedom, let me kick things off a fresh with a little inspired project I have just finished working on and that I am quietly quite chuffed with ... if I don't say so myself.

Any person who has spent any reasonable time around me eventually realises I can be an embarrassing epic loser, and not only socially. Wallets, hats, keys and what must amount t0 several thousands of dollars by now - have all once been in my sole possession only to almost instantaneously end up fuck knows where?

Over time, I've found I tend to lose all the important stuff in my life while hoarding every worthless gimmick and piece of crap *Glenn/Sue: insert broken light box here - so from my POV it was only a matter of time before I finally married these two items together.

LEGO and keys.

Firstly if you have a cache of LEGO find some candidates you don't mind sacrificing for the greater good. Something simple like 2 or more bricks of different colours and something they can snap onto worked well for me, but I imagine LEGO being LEGO, the possibilities are endless.

The next part had me hunting around the house looking for any appropriate item I could use until I realised I could liberate the eyelet screws from behind one of our paintings hanging in the lounge. Once again more sacrificing for the greater good.

Next, I drilled a small starter hole into each LEGO so that I could work the eyelet screws firmly into the bricks. Once that was done I threaded two chains through the eyelets and attached the keys.

Lastly all that was left was to attach the LEGO base to the wall and Voila! And all done in under 10 minutes!

By Erueti Brown with 1 comment

1 Jabber?:

Yay! I love it when blogs become resurrected!!

And that is the most genious idea for keyhooks that I have ever seen!

Honestly, you should make a bunch and sell 'em. I'd buy one. :)