30 May 2007

Your ticket to getting Lost.

Not to be confused with the television series or spin off game - Lost is a great creative idea for an invite only game currently blurring the boundary between the Internet and the real world.

The objective of Lost is simple enough: Get one point before your timer runs out or you are eliminated. Each time you gain a point your timer resets - if it reaches zero, you're out!

I wont go into explaining everything here, but if like me you're looking for any excuse to embrace creativity and original game play, then Lost is for you and here's your invite to all the fun!

By Erueti Brown with 1 comment

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glad you are back on the interweb cousin, whats up?

please be sure to stop into my blog and to mrs turoas as I am sure we will all get many more views if we have been linked by yr good self.