23 July 2006

Smack my kids up?

As a minister of the clergy myself, I'm completely behind a persons right to choose their own religon and their freedom to express and exercise their personal beliefs.
How ever surely you know you're going to be rightly labelled as a redneck fundamentalist christian parent if you subscribe to any of the absurd draconian measures recommended by the 'Guide to smacking' from The Family Integrity booklet?

After reading the articles currently making the rounds here in NZ and abroad (I think MiFi linked an article), I am honestly suprised 'blood letting' wasn't also included in the controversial eight-page booklet on how to use physical punishment under the present law.

These guys seriously need to get dialed into some clues.
Reverend Eru says: Being awake requires more effort than just walking around with both your eyes open.

By Erueti Brown with No comments

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