02 July 2006

So much meat for so little money.

In the wee small hours of a Saturday morning way back in 2002, I was off my face and just happened to stagger into a queue at Burger King for a bit of quick drunken nosh on the way home. I remember peering at the menu boards and then at the young man behind the counter and noticed he kept smiling at me, then his eyes would immediately dart down towards the counter display directly in front and between us. He kept looking at me square in the eye, then smiling then his eyes kept returning to the display board and repeating the whole process again. I was drunk but I could tell something was happening here. Was he trying to send me a message? Were his glances a warning perhaps? Some sort of inside tip? I couldn't be sure so I took a good look at the display board. Here's what I saw.

Okay so what? He's waiting for me to order and I rattle off something "Blah blah.. Onion rings..blah blah Double Whopper.. ra ra Pepsi" or something like that, when he looks at me again in the eye then again to the display sign, reads back the order and keen as a bean belts out "I'll get that for you immediately Sir!"checks the sign again and takes off like a cut cat. Meanwhile, I'm left standing there swaying to and fro, trying to work out WTF this sign business is all about when the mischievous god of drunken logic provides me with a solution. For ridiculous reasons, I reach over and grab the display sign and quickly tuck it down my trousers all before the young man comes back with my order. He never mentioned anything (but I knew he knew) as I grabbed my food and hastily made for the door. Pepped up, I ran all the way home and forgot about the entire incident by the time I opened the front door and crashed out (never even eating my Burger King) When I woke up in the morning I remembered the stupid drunken antic I had done and pulled the sign out of my jeans I'd left scattered in the middle of the floor.

I looked again at my stolen trophy in shame, but this time from the other side (his side) of the display sign and I could feel pride swelling as a smile crept across my face and it suddenly all made sense. I had to laugh at what I saw there.

I know - what a score!

By Erueti Brown with No comments

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