01 July 2006

Tigers Are Every Where.

Tigers are Everywhere.
In the trees and on the ground,
Tigers can be found.

But when Tigers sleep.
It's best to crawl and creep,
around the Jungle,
Whilst it's dark.

It began as in inside joke, but now I would imagine that there is only one reader who would truly fully appreciate the above poem of mine.
Today I received this very impressive piece of congratulations mail, expressing that out of thousands of entries,"Tigers are Everywhere" has been accepted and is scheduled for publication in a coffee table publication called 'Immortal Verses' which is due to be released this Summer 2006. So f--kedup!
I may also win the $10,000 US dollars annual prize for this apparently brilliant poem.

By Erueti Brown with 3 comments

3 Jabber?:

hey, interesting blog, would you like to link to me?


morris: http://thegreatestblogexperiment.blogspot.com/

Congratulations ;-)
It's a nice poem actually, hope you'll win the price...
10 thousand grants might help for something not ?
Thanks for visiting my page. Cheers.

LOL! Amazingness. I hope you can supply them with the illustrated version

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