06 July 2006

Bah. Where is the Love?

I'm a fairly upbeat type of guy most of the time but this weeks been a real Goatse.
Maybe it's a combination of the almost constant in your face torrential rain we've been experiencing and chilling screeching wind hardup against the backdrop of the bleak grey city, but I'm feeling drained from the constant need to "be on" and I'm not exactly feeling the love right now.
Tomorrows Friday and I can't wait to shake this week off and recharge this semi unified collection of cells crammed together like Voltron (some of their dials are so deep in the red that they look green again)

Anyhows I'm off to bed. Gotta getup again at 5:30am. Can't wait for this weather to finally break and take a more agreeable turn.
Until then I'm reminding myself of the old Arab saying that "All Sunshine makes for the Desert".

By Erueti Brown with No comments

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