21 July 2006

When is redmeat not redmeat? When it's chicken.

We had a dubious encounter today at the halal butcher shop we frequent that's had me scratching my head. Readers of my earlier post would recall I already think quite a bit about this subject and it's probably nothing but what would you think?

Sue reached into the freezer and pulled out what she thought was lamb mince mislabelled as chicken mince because, (a picture here would have been really great I know) it was red and looked just like lamb mince or failing that possibly beef or ugh um..goat?

When she asked whether it was lamb or beef the counter person was confident and assured us its contents contained 100 % chicken thigh mince. Now, I'm no food technician or Muslim for that matter, but isn't chicken white meat? Of course under cooked chicken will always be pink and bleed red but this was frozen and I thought the halal ritual (similar to kosher) included bleeding the animal doesn't it?

Certainly dodgy and one that should be filed under 'things that make you go hmm?' wouldn't you say?

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