24 October 2006

Colour in a day.

Even though I started quite some time ago and my "Colour in a day" Mosaic isn't complete just yet, I thought I would give you all a sneak peek at what I'm working with any hows. Each day I pick a new colour as a subject to take photographs of ( I'm working my way through ROYGBIV).

What I enjoy most about this exercise is that I really have started to take "notice" of what I "notice". Focusing on a single colour a day has somehow trained my brain and eye to scan my everyday surroundings in much finer detail. Like some sort of reverse colour blindness, I find the colour I am needing to seek out that day really starting to pop out in my normally unconscious environment, while the rest of the world bleeds into the background with an almost black and white appearance.

And what's cooler is after seven day's of dedication and trying not to cheat, I almost have enough photographs to make a rainbow!

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By Erueti Brown with 2 comments

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Very cool project! I love it!

Kia Ora Eric, This is a really great project you are working on - well worth sharing, so I have mentioned your blog on my NZ Blogs - as well as listed it on the side-bar. It's strictly BYO though !!!