21 October 2006

My Invaders.

Anyone who knows me well, knows it's not uncommon for me to experience a sudden flurry of creative thoughts. However they (along with anyone else who has spent more than a couple of days around me) would also know that it is uncommon for me to commit or act upon or complete any of my fantastical ideas.

Well lately there has been a shift in that paradigm and I am happy to announce that I have been "doing more doing" rather than spouting on and on about "doing".

So long story short, (and bear in mind it's an experimental process and not the best photo), marvel as I present to you my new "Space Invader Shoes". Aren't they ill?

From Invader Shoes

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fly my cousin, simply fly.
I too have become sick of my own constant repeating the same words at parties ("yeah lets do this...") etc- so have decided to finish something I start. SO i am making a childrens books, since I cant draw I have a drawing friend on that acount. oh am doing it for my nephew, -l's sisters spawn. will show you when i FINISH!

its a new year for us