22 October 2006

Monkey See, Money Do.

Real monkeys probably love bananas as much as real rabbits love carrots and real mice love cheese with holes in it. But if you've ever seen their banana pinching technique in action and tried it out yourself you'll realise our simian cousins really have this whole effortless banana peeling thing down.

Next time you have a banana handy, instead of pulling back the stem until it snaps to open and peel the banana, try a pinch with a little twist at the tip of the opposite end and you'll immediately notice the difference (and the unbroken stem acts like a kind of Popsicle stick which certainly aids enjoyment.. )

If you're still in need of a quick visual demonstration of this method, press play or go to YouTube.

By Erueti Brown with 1 comment

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Kia Ora, No banana for guessing what country I live in. This krazy monkey has known which end to peel his banana, since he was knee high to a.......banana !!! (hehe)

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