05 June 2006

Web 2.0 and Beyond.

Web 2.0. Love it or hate it, the buzz term is on fire and has become the unspoken compliance standard against which any website or company is judged when trying to look cutting edge or pioneering in their field.
But what is it and more importantly 'what good is any of it?'.
Clean neutral space column designed boxes with rounded edges, backgrounds with subtle
Pastel gradients applied, beta/gamma/delta testings are all very pretty, but big f--ken ti--ies right? What's the point at the end of the day?
Well ultimately, it's about three things Choice, Community and Content.
Everything is changing because we are choosing to change it. Through our experiences, our opinions and our social networks-it's our stories that truly dictate, govern and shape innovation. We don't require brands anymore, we self brand. We filter our own media and spam ourselves. For the 1st time in history absolutely anyone can have their 15 gigs of fame on a platform of their choosing. For once we decide what's important, because We are Generation C and we don't need you anymore.

The following products and services are a good example of what to keep an eye out for on the web 2.0 horizon and are plucked from the definitive 277 resources on 'Complete List of Web 2.0 Products and Services' available at listable.


A music engine based on a massive collection of Music Profiles. Each music profile belongs to one person, and describes their taste in music. Last.fm uses these music profiles to make personalized recommendations, match you up with people who like similar music, and generate custom radio stations for each person.

43 Things

You can write down your goals; See how're other achieved the similar goals; and you can share your experience and progress with other which you both want to do.

Picture Cloud

A picture cloud is the easiest way to make a photo come to life. By using a picture cloud you can turn still photos into images that spin 360° by uploading images you take around an object with your digital camera. Whether it's houses, cars, toys, or pets, picture clouds are easy to create and can be used anywhere. Picture clouds are helping give depth to the web, and best of all - picture clouds are free.


Popular URLS to the latest Web Buzz - very nice update site for all the usual Web 2.0 lovliness - ie digg, reddit, flickr etc etc etc

Karmadu allows you to give “karma points” as thanks for good things that others do for you in the real world. For example I can see how my karma score compares to others at school, to people who like the same movies, who live in the same area…anything you want. You can ‘jump on’ karma (vote for the best karma) and see which actions are the most karma-worthy. You can send points and check your profile over the web or by using text messaging from your cell phone. You can join by clicking “join” on the top menu.


What would happen if we no longer used things like looks, age, sex and nationality to decide if we would try and become friends with a person?

Protopage = personalized news + sticky notes + weather + bookmarks, all on one page.

Create your own free Protopage, then:

* Use it to catch up with news from hundreds of sources
* Put color coded sticky notes, todo lists and reminders on it
* Keep your frequently accessed bookmarks on it
* Name it (e.g. as www.protopage.com/yourname)
* Share parts of your page with friends, or keep it private
* Set it as your browser 'start page' for easy access

"Create a single web page filled with information and links that point to other web pages, to continually updated RSS feeds, or to relevant advertising."

*Special mention update.
After poking around looking for a way to add a chat service to Eru's LifeCache,
I stumbled over gabbly.com. Just type or paste http://gabbly.com/ before any URL and you
will be able to chat with anyone visiting that page at the same time.
Try it out here http://gabbly.com/


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