07 June 2006

Shame on you Telecom!

Shame shame know your name!

There's a Telecom Xtra Broadband advert playing in the background announcing the good news,
"Cheaper, faster broadband has finally arrived!"

What a load of saggy-old-lady-bitch-titties.

That's right Teresa Gattung, you suck.
I've got beef with you saying that I'm going to be paying less for faster broadband when you know damn well that's nothing but a sour floppy cock in the mouth.

After looking at how much we are paying for one lousy gigabyte at up to 50x faster than dialup, we thought we'd ring up and take advantage of your faster, cheaper offer. Turns out after talking with an Xtra operator the only broadband plans on offer are the same old pay more for more plans or the pay less for less. Let me explain that. We currently pay $39.95 for 1GB per month up to 50x faster. For $10 more we could experience 5GB per month @ 80x faster than dial-up. $10 less and we're on the 200MB per month @ up to 6x faster than dialup plan. 200mb for $29.95 at 6x WTF use is that? What a joke.
Sue outright questioned the Xtra operator, "So then.. There is no faster, cheaper Broadband?"
He scoffed and replied "Ahh...No."

Stop your lying Telecom or at least start telling the whole truth you toerags.


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