17 June 2006

Exactly how far south does the no. 12 South Karori bus go?

Our bus ride home was crazy. 1stly the bus driver refused to stop at the bus stop to pick us up and only stopped because the lights changed red.
As luck would have it, we sat near the backdoor but Sue changed sides opting to sit in front of me instead of across and having to talk through people once it filled up.

The somewhat erratic bus driver was traveling faster than he should have been in the peak hour conditions and didn't seem to be in complete control of his vehicle as he weaved in and around other buses when !wham. He turned too sharply passed another bus and their side mirror came crashing through the side window of our bus, showering the two occupants of the seats we would have sat on in glass shards and leaving the lady closest to the window shimmering and glittering like she was about to accept an Oscar for the category 'best supporting actress in a bus accident'. Sue and I, as compassionate types, slapped a well deserved a high 5 thankful it wasn't us and then quickly asked the lady (who was definitely in shock) if she was hurt at all.
The bus driver, (perhaps not as compassionate) did not ask if anyone was hurt back there, and instead cooly ushered even more passengers on until the bus was completely packed with new passengers and glass everywhere.
Then, to the surprise of passengers wanting to get off at the next stop (which was most of the us), he just decided to drive the bus nonstop off it's route and when we finally stopped he barked at us to transfer to the bus in front. The ladies frosted in glass were never offered either an explanation, medical attention, an apology or even priority for the 1st seats on the transfer bus to at least lessen their discomfort (she told us that she felt like she had been dancing with PinkBats).
No they had to line up like the rest of us. Baaa!

I'm sure quite a number of passengers have complained about this situation, however I'm hoping to snaffle a photograph of him next time I see him and post it right here, wouldn't that be nice?


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