04 May 2006


3:26 am (NZT) today, an earthquake measuring 7.8 and centered 170km NE of Tonga rocked the Pacific.
3:42 am, a tsunami warning was issued for the entire Pacific region including New Zealand, with the first wave expected to hit Gisbourne and the East Coast at 6:21 am.

8:54 am, hundreds of people reported missing and presumed to have drowned, as the entire downtown Wellington CBD quarter is completely submerged after an unprepared Capital is engulfed by the harbor's sudden massive inundation ...

That would have been a kickass post and my cue to grab a snorkel and finally start looting, had the tsunami warning not been withdrawn, damn it.
But it was touch and go there for some time before all the details could be collated. The very scary reality about this non event was how lucky the Ministry of Civil Defence was by completely dropping the ball and being totally unaware of the tsunami threat.
What happened to the Plan Stan?

Good one though guys, next time huhh?
We can all rest easy, secure in the hopes that someone is on top of things in the Pacific Ring of Fire.



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