09 May 2006


I've been a big fan of m-city for a while now. It's an application for constructing urban themed environments made entirely from stencils. It's proved to be a very cool tool indeed for serious graffiti artists worldwide and I've found it a valid way to explore and express my own responses to urbanisation.
While you can't save the image you've made, you can do a screenshot and paste it into a graphics program like Photoshop or MS paint. Then it's just a matter of cropping and saving the image. With a little time, you can buildup some pretty cool stuff and have them on proud display in the monthly gallery. Pictured above are some of my own examples I have posted to the gallery.

Two more things before I jet.

  1. Yes! After several attempts. Somehow I've finally managed to streamline FireFox and IE browser views, so now they should look pretty similar and more importantly, equally as crap as each other.
  2. Being in NZ, I'm probably the last to the dinner table on this one but 'MirrorMask' was finally released here and was totally
    ( at least for me, as Sue didn't really like it) worth the wait.

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