03 May 2006

That time again.

Joy and yay, it's May! That means that many otherwise typically shy and nocturnal Kiwi's (Urbanis apteryx australis) are slowly coming out from their safe, snug nests for two things which go quite well together.
Magic Mushrooms and New Zealand music month.

Okay, well I may be exaggerating about the mushrooms. But in any case, during the month of May they do share some similarities that would make them natural Allies .

  • They are both for the most part free
  • Both are available in abundance with the best spots to partake usually known by locals
  • Both help in the facilitation of mind expansion via the growth of personal awareness, interaction and new experiences within the surrounding environment.
There's a lot to checkout in the 2K6 with an estimated 500+ gigs Nationwide. ( Truffleheads, Just think of all the farmland and lawn frontage in between) Everyone is, in their own way trying to promote Kiwi Music both here and abroad.

My NZ music month byte is aimed toward an often exploited and overlooked subculture with needs existing outside the normal hiphop/emo-indywave/electronica offerings.
A crew, I'm overjoyed to announce, my very good friend Trevor Hailwood has recently joined.

The Parent.

Surrounded by The Wiggles, High5 and with Postman Pat on constant repeat in the car or lounge, over and over again. There's not a lot of room left for a parent to at least 'random shuffle' the tracks in a futile attempt to stay sane and present. They say it's hard out there for a Pimp and that may well be true, but it's even harder out there for a parent to find music they can not only tolerate, but also enjoy along with their child. That's where the folks over at Smoke CD's can help with two very cool child/parent friendly albums. Both are great concepts which should proudly carry an 'NZ made' embossed stamp for their pioneering efforts.
Check them out and listen to some of the samples.
I'll leave it in your hands to discover for yourself what's what.
Enjoy the month whatever you make of it, right now it's back to the underground dwelling for this Kiwi. Mushrooms and all.

Also, I'd love to extend a warm welcome to Y-nui's newest resident, Mckenzie.
I look forward to meeting you soon littleman!


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That explains the increased traffic through the Botanic Gardens then....

mushrooms were legal here for a couple of years.