07 May 2006

LinkCache dumping grounds.

Right no messing about, let's get straight into it.

  • The subservient Virtual Girlfriend is for you Glenn.
    Treat her good. + I got a good response when I asked her to suck ....
  • The Largest Online Stadium. Because not every fan receives a ticket for the big sport event in Germany this year. Sue and I are in block I tribune 10, but with 36147 other fans at the time of posting you better get in anywhere you can and quick!
    (web site)

  • Ezprezzo.com's 'pipe dream' is a suprisingly cool little piece of animation. (Google Video).
  • The Transformers: Evolution series kicks off in June! Ever wondered what form your favorite Transformers would take if they existed in different eras? (web page)
  • Try to remember, Levers wouldn't be as much fun to play without those f#@ken birds! (flash game)
  • Two options for your soul incase you were ever curious: The people over at We Want Your Soul seem like nice folks and eHOW is giving clear instructions about How To Sell Your Soul To The Devil. (web site)
  • A few of you have wondered where the mighty N: The Way of the Ninja flash game dissapeared too? Well it's back.
    (flash game)
  • Some of you know already that you're on my 'Day Ruers' list. And one day...!whamm I'm gonna f@#ken whack ya punk ass. (web site)
  • Christopher Wilde founder of the Artichoke Yink Press does some pretty amazing mind blowing collages from world currency. (web site may take some time to load if your dialup)
  • Wikipedia is a great source for inspiration. eg. Unusual Articles, Complete geography of the Land of OZ.(wiki)
  • SOCA is a new FBI-style crime-fighting agency has been launched in the UK, but what the f#@k is their ThunderCat esque logo all about? Also while we're on the topic of ThunderCats I found this page with what seems like the ThunderCat voice actors in some hilarious out takes.
  • "Combien pour la fillette" and other useful french phrases. (web site)
And lastly, I am delighted to announce that the Urban Dictionary has finally accepted two of my submissions. Add your own and gloat like me. That's all for now. I've done enough typing.


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