26 May 2006

3hree More Bad Ideas.

  1. This will get progressively worse so nows your chance to back out if you don't want to know what the drug hetracil is all about.
  2. Female masks. The thing is I've seen some stuff and then some in my time, but something about this fetish scares the shit out of me *NSFW and neither is this Yahoo profile
    (don't ask how I found this one)
  3. I've also been thumbing through Mr. Bill Burroughs book 'Junkie' and Lewis MacAdams 'Birth of The Cool: Beat, Bebop, and the American Avant-Garde', and while the former at least attempts to depict heroin as cool but ultimately destructive, neither of the two have affected my attitude more than these disturbing stark *NSFW intravenous drug abuse images from Eastern Europe. (Be warned these images are not f--king around, they are graphic and a little piece of you will die inside).

All that grizlyness aside, it's funny how the google ad's running across the top of the page are affected by word content. I can't wait to see what ad's this post will produce.


By Erueti Brown with 1 comment

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thought you must be busy with these things coming in a little slower than I am use to , since I am a newbie and all! thought I wouldnt open the sites listed today on the work computer though!! how you doing? sun is a shining over here today!