18 May 2006

Flaming Haemorrhoids Batman!

Yes, you read that right. An unfortunate man from Invercargill New Zealand, had a horrible shock during an operation to cut out some very sore protruding haemorrhoids with an electrical "diathermy" machine. A wee bit of methane escaped from his bummy bumbum and apon contact with the electrical sparks from the diathermy machine resulted in the violent but brief appearance of the extremely rare 'electrical anus flash fire', or what doctors used to term on account of their rarity - 'The Great Mythical Electro RectoPyrorhoids'

Luckily, it wasn't a complete cockup. The man was treated for minor burns to his haemorrhoids or 'minorrhoids' and an independent investigative forensic scientist (from the title, he sounds anal)
has been commissioned to get to climb onboard get his hands dirty and finally get to the bottom of the matter.


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