09 May 2006

Candied EyeTools.

I heard somewhere once that if you designed something that even a simpleton could use, then only a simpleton would want to use it. Having said that, I'm delighted someone has put together the necessary code and made available a program that is astounding for it's usability and quality of product.

Without trying to sound like an infomercial, I've found the amazing thing about 'Mosaic Creator' is it's variety of output options. I'm yet to find a program that not only over delivers with quality photomosaics (if that's not already enough for you) but also from within the same program you can build fully customised ASCII art (grayscale,B/W,colour, whatever) and even thumbnail mosaic webpages with embedded html phew!
As geeky as that all sounds, that's just covering the basics (and unless you aren't an evil bugger like me at day 4) I recommend making the absolute most from the free 30 day demo trial.

Here's one great way. Once you've got your images down, another sweet little image app and a perfect accompaniment to this program is the 'Rasterbator' over at 'The Sect of Homokaasu' (WARNING will probably empty your ink cartridges overnight) If you've ever wanted to know how to blowup and print a wall size image, here's the answer! You can upload your images to the site but I'd recommend downloading the standalone version.

Mosaic Creator and Rasterbator roll nothing short of 20 deep and I'm totally tweaked.

*Also just as a foot note. I'm happy to hear the two Tasmanian miners trapped for 14 days one kilometre underground, in a 1.5*1.5 meter cage and in 30+ degree heat came out in tiptop shape. The thing is, as Sue pointed out.
Where did they go to the toilet all that time?


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