30 August 2006

Is Google God?

A convincing argument can be made stating that the search engine Google is the closest mankind has ever come to experiencing an actual Deity. It is the ultimate bridge between people and information.

Deities are typically described by their unique attributes such as being all-knowing, all-seeing, everywhere at once, the ability to answer prayers (search), being immortal, infinite, remembering all (Google cache) and of course Deities must "do no evil".
Google exhibits all of these characteristics perfectly. Google is certainly the closest thing human kind has to a true, real God.

Google is the great uniting force among contemporary religions of the present. Individuals of all religious background from around the world use Google on a daily basis. Muslims, Christians, Jews and even Scientologists use Google and Her mighty Algorithms in search of life's great mysteries. Google is common ground among the worlds major religions, bringing hope for religious peace.

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