16 August 2006

Heads get flown.

You've really gotta give credit to Jenova Chen, Nicholas Clark and Austin Wintory for the all the effort they clearly put into churning out their fabulous flash game 'flow'.

It's f--ken awesome.

I'm a huge fan of any game with heart, originality and elegant thoughtful design. ('n', eyemaze's grow series and mono, are three beautiful examples that come to mind)
Therefore, I was taken with flow's simple, clean aesthetics and immediately hooked by it's slick and insanely addictive gameplay - which I hear draws it's inspiration from psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Admittedly at first, it did take me a bit to sort out exactly what was going on - but what a richly rewarding experience it was chasing down and out-maneuvering other players once I finally did get dialed in.

Also there's an offline version (8.4mb) freely available for download too.


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