22 August 2006

Bathroom on the right,TCB.

I Used To Believe is a site which describes itself as a funny and bizarre collection of ideas that we adults thought were true about the world around us when we were children. Reading through the entries visitors have left will remind most of you of the odd stuff you took for granted as a child and reassure you that a lot of the things you used to believe weren't so strange (or uncommon) after all.

My rummage through the 'most common beliefs' section, led to the discovery that I am not the only person who heard "Bathroom on the right" in the lyrics of Credence Clear water Revival's song instead of "Bad Moon On The Rise". Finally resolved!

As a side note. Have you ever noticed whenever someone starts belting out Aretha Franklin's tune "Respect" they always go:

Find out what it means to me
...mumble mumble, mumble mumble...

Well if you are one of those mumblers, that last line of the chorus is "Take care, TCB" - which is an acronym for take/taking care of business.


By Erueti Brown with 1 comment

1 Jabber?:

I'm quite considerate and try not to belt Respect when others are around 'cuz I'm the worst singer ever.

If I was a better singer, I would have been a mumbler but now i know the real lyrics.