28 August 2006

The End Is Nigh Mayan?

Crackpot or Prophet Yisrayl Hawkins has a message and he wants you to 'Mark It On Your Bathroom Mirror'.
He is 100% certain and has convinced a growing army of followers that in a little over 2 weeks from now, on September 12, 2006 a nuclear war will erupt and one third of the total human population will perish.

Needless to say that's a pretty big scary claim to make, and a lot of people are gathering up their provisions and dusting off the bunkers in preparation for a nuclear Christmas.

Unrattled, I am already working on my 'I survived Sept 12 06' t-shirt, because it's utterly ridiculous and preposterous to think the world is actually going to end .... because everyone knows that's not scheduled to happen until December 21, 2012 around 11:11 (universal time).

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