18 August 2006

Viva la musica revolution!

So NZ finally got MTV hurray! But something tells me it won't be long before our small nation starts to wonder - "where the f--k did all these sexually promiscuous teenagers suddenly appear from?"

Here's what I think we have to look forward to once the MTV programming kicks in and quickly whips the youth culture into shape.

  • The highest incidence rate in the OECD of cervical cancer, syphilis and squealing Paris Hilton-esque 'like-oh-my-god' valley-girls.
  • Suicides amongst 14-17 yr old males who couldn't choose between pimping or starting up an edgy electro/clash band.
  • Self harming trustifarian Emo teens, blogging whining about how hard it is getting any good barbiturates they can overdose on in New Zealand schools .

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