26 August 2006

Cheap is the new expensive, unless it's ridiculously expensive.

These two items piqued my interest probably because being born March 20th on the cusp of Pisces, I am apparently ruled by the feet and an unrealistic dreamer.

Stephon Xavier Marbury, NBA point guard for the New York Knicks, is guaranteed to shake things up both on and off the court with the release of his dope $15 (actually $14.98) Starbury Sneakers. Available only at Steve and Barry's stores in the NYC area, the altruistic slogan is "We created Starbury so you can stay fly and still stay on budget. It's about maximum for minimum expense." Finally, a shoe that tomorrow's NBA stars might actually be able to afford. Thumbs up! Link

On the other end of the spectrum, there are the Squillionaires.

Awhile back I baulked at the limited edition black diamond cellphone weighing in at $300,000. However since then, 'Goldvish' has become the new word for excess. Handmade from solid gold and encrusted with 120 carats worth of WS-1 grade diamonds. This cellphone currently tips the scale at $1.26 million. F--k! Link

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