24 March 2006


Now this is a LONG overdue shout out to the somewhat underground & un-f@#ken-believable power from the combined forces that make up URBAN MOVEMENT. Simply put this Wellington City ubercrew stands miles above anything else I've ever heard before hands down! Featuring what must be the finest stable of welly M.C.s in existence, Aotearoa hiphop just got interesting! Their presence provides a fresh energy to the talent starved welly scene, and has sent shock waves forcing all crews in the CapCity Massive to step their game up.
Album Producer/Promoter Mish, is a complex character of contradictions and all round the nicest thug/Chinese Medicine Practicioner you're probably ever likey to meet on Tinakori road. If your lucky enough to be in the area or dropping off some muffin's, you might hear him dropping science with some of the freshest illmatic topshelf selection's.
So keep an ear out, support your city, do whatever you want but don't wait till this crew blows up in your face and you have to blog about how dope URBAN MOVEMENTS flows are. Cos' you're too late fool!
Thanks Mish, your crew's spits fire and your alright to on that demo to bro' I guess.


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