28 March 2006

Scam Boatin Saga Part 3 - Curse of the Polesmoker.

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Okay. Lately there have been some surprising new developments going on in the background of the series which have been a little tricky to say the least. In fact, I am now prepared to admit I may have biten off alittle more than I would have liked too. There's a lot of work involved which has caused me to rethink my approach and ask for a little outside assistance from time to time. Also I am considering my options as to what precautionary measures if any I should take. The last thing I would like is for this to snowball out of my control and I end up on a nice little vacation packed into several frozen shrinkwrapped parcels to destinations unknown. Having said that I'm hoping the promise of a mystery ending to the series will no doubt have you all asking
'How will it all end?'
Well here it is folks yanked clean and fresh from the
'Scam Boatin Saga'.

It's Part 3 - 'Curse of the Polesmoker'.

We left our hero Yura Polesmoker trying grow some balls to show to Mr. Nana Samson Boatin with mixed results. What has Samson got instore for Yura Polesmoker you think? A quick revise of the game plan is what is needed, and fortunately thats exactly what will happen and the whole game will change.
How? Well. A little luck has provided me I deem as a feasible plan to frustrate and manipulate Samson Boatin and whatever other cronies he has out there even further. This is going to be a lot of fun if he/they bite.

Here's the Deel-lee-yo. I've been a visitor of the presurfer and his other project the generator blog for some time now. I recently found a generator (for reasons unknown to me) that generates random phony scam letters mimicking the exact scam letters that 419 con artist’s send.
I thought wouldn’t it be hilarious if I applied the same technique and Samson thought he not only had competition, but that Yura Polesmoker was falling for their scam faster than his. Sure, he’s now got my details but they’re of no use to him if some one else gets to me first are they? Remember to keep in mind I have created this new proposal from the site. I love the irony don’t you? (is it irony?). What will he do now?

Here is the fake proposal I’m trying to trick Samson into believing
I’ve fallen for.

In Strict Confidence... Date: March 16, 2006, 4:32 pm
From: "J. Yomotaka" (address removed)
To: yura_polesmoker@yahoo.com

Dear Sir.
Your contact information was referred to me by one of my trusted contacts, whose name I am not at liberty to compromize. I would like to approach you with reguards to a profitable Business Proposal, reguarding the transfer of TEN MILLION ($10000000) U.S. Dollars into your Bank Account. For reasons I am sure you will appreciate, I ask that you keep this commucation confidential, and avoid it falling into the hands of any agents of the Nigerian Secret Police that may be operating in Your area.
My name is J. Yomotaka, and I am the Son of C.J. Chow, the recently Removed from Power Chairman of the National Bank in Nigeria. If you have been following the events in my country over the last few years, you will remember the big scandal that took place when Chow was imprisoned for alleged crimes against humanity without ever standing trial. You see, my Father had a lot of enemies in the wealthy circles, who envied his great secret fortune. It was they who removed him in the hope to gain access to the money that he collected from over-invoicing various contracts (a practice that is quite common in Nigeria). Fortunately, there was too much scandal and media coverage in the aftermath of Chow's imprisonment for them to move openly to claim his money. This gave me and a few trusted people who were still loyal to my Father, an opportunity to move the money into a secret account at the Second Central Bank of Nigeria. While we managed to do this without the Nigerian Secret Police becoming aware of our activities, the money cannot remain in this account, because at the end of the tax year, all deposits and interest will be reported to the Taxation Bureau of Nigeria, where our enemies have informants in their pay. The only option available to us is transferring the money to a trusted partner who is a foreign national and cannot be linked to C.J. Chow in any way. As your name was brought to my attention by a very trusted contact in Nigeria's Foreign Office, I have been authorized by my partners to contact you with this Proposal. All that would be required of you is the use of your bank account to perform a transfer of TEN MILLION ($10000000) U.S. Dollars. Once the money has been deposited, one of Chow's other Sons will contact you, at which point you will release SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS ($7000000) of the amount into his custody. I am authorized by my Father's estate in Nigeria to offer you the remaining THREE MILLION DOLLARS ($3000000) as a compensation for your services. Because the money would only need to be in your bank account for a few days, and your danger of being discovered by The Nigerian Secret Police is minimal, we believe the commission of THIRTY PERCENT (30 %) to be more than generous. Once I have received your consent and Bank Account number, I will be able to make a claim under your name with The Pan-African Insurance Company for the above sum. We have a friend on the Board Of Oversight in that organization who has assured me that the claim will be processed without raising any red flags, and the money will be released into Your Bank Account no later than within SEVEN (7) days from the time I receive your response. I am at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about this Transaction, so don't hesitate to contact me via telephone, at +*-***-***-**** (actual number removed.). I eagerly await your reply, though I must ask you to treat this matter with great secrecy, lest you betray me and my partners to the agents of Nigerian Secret Police.

Respectfully Yours,

J. Yomotaka

Look the part? Not to shabby at all. Looks believable enough to scam a scam artist don’t you think? I think it’s a definite improvement on Samson’s original email. Think he'll bite or see that not only is it a scam. It's a scam Scam scam. Ridiculous! So any way, I attach the fake scam prososal (which took ages and ages to finally attach. I hope it was the same for Samson on the other end) to the following email and seal it with a loving kiss. I'm wondering. Is it a fake scam letter or a real fake scam letter?

Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 17:36:32 -0800 (PST)
From: "erueti brown"
To: "nana_boatin boatin" Dear Mr. Samson Boatin

I hope you got my details this time. However, something only god could grace me with has happened. I have been in communication with another party with a better offer. Mr. J Yomotaka was more than happy to hear back from me and has moved very fast with my details to provide the quick transfer of a significantly larger sum of monies into my account. Of which I will recieve in total more money than you have offered me. I have attached his proposal to this email which as you can see is very very lucrative. Mr. J Yomotaka has a very good heart and trustworthy. I have transferred for a very small cash amount (considering) into an account to facilitate in the quick transferance of said monies. Appartrantly because "money talks", officials in power need the "right motivation" for this deal to move ahead fast which might include some small token gifts which are vital to keep everyone happy while looking the otherway according to Mr. J Yomotaka.
Condering the vast amount of money involved and the trust I have with Mr. J. Yomotaka here I stand to make quite a bit from my new friend, who is also happy to pay for me to visit his country when said deal is comenced.

So the ball as they say is in your corner Mr. Samson Boatin. Can you make me a better counter offer? I think not, but I thought I would give you a chance seeing as you are a business man. I am still happy to work with you even though my partner Mr. J Yokotaka expressed not too and to call our deal off all together. But only if there is alot more money for me.
Please understand this has nothing to do with how rude you were to me earlier.
It is not personal Mr. Samson it's just business.

Look forward to hearing from you if not good luck and god bless for your future.

Yura Polesmoker xxx

How's that so far? This must be a 1st for Samson wouldn't you say? So what are you going to do now Mr. Boatin? I bet you are finding this all pretty hard to fathom right now aren't you? You should have treated Yura Polesmoker better don't you think? Still think it's all fun and games now? Games changed. I can't wait to hear from you.

But I didn't. I think it's all backfired. No more email's from Samson to post. It's all over. I mean these scams aren't run by idiot's they're people just like you and me. It's only the language barrier and their desperation for my dollar that's kept this alive for this long. I should break it off now. Before it really, really turns ugly. Okay I will. But one more for the road huhh? Why not?

Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 10:48:40 -0800 (PST)
From: "erueti brown"
To: "nana_boatin boatin"

Where are you Mr. Samson Boatin?

It's my birthday today and still no word from Samson. I almost feel like I've been stoodup. I'm 30 and I'm fucking around with Ghanian Criminals. Not exactly how I pictured my life.

Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 00:17:17 -0800 (PST)
From: "nana_boatin boatin"
Subject: You have another
To: "erueti brown"

If you want to carry on with me do not engage in another similar transaction Well I can only laugh at you how can a Nigerian answer Asian names it is not possible. Also the apex bank in Nigeria is called central bank of Nigeria and not national bank of Nigeria your partner with a better offer has said and he can not even speak food English and to cap it all up Nigeria is full of fraud. Every thing in that country is fraud. It will not discourage you since you think you are so smart .But I know for sure that that money does not exist the so called people never existed and you will never get any money in your account but end up loosing your money to gifts carry on.


OMFG! He replied. And what a friend to warm me about those phonies! Looks like there may also be another writer on the Samson payroll. Good job 9/10 Samson. With 1 point deducted for making me sweat and doubt myself on my birthday.

I can't believe I've gotten away with it. Well This calls for a special 'How much can I get away with' response. Will the new writer perhaps notice I'm taking the piss? Or will they just think that's how all ex-pat Bulgarians write? Well let's find out .

Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 08:34:58 -0800 (PST)
From: "Yura Polesmoker
Subject: Re: You have another
To: nana_boatin

Mr. Boatin. If you still want me and want to do the business of transference between two consenting business men, then you must negotiate a better deal for me than the 30% stated or deal is off. Iam not the fool you take me for and yes I am smart like you said in your last email. I can 150% assure you that I have hardcopies and photographe that prove in closeup detals of how impressively well endowed and equip Mr. J Yomotaka is by Nigerian standards. I am very pleased with the speed and quick progression Mr. J Yomotaka and his family have made have managed to have said monies in the last stages for finalisation ready to hit my account we are looking forward to more profitable deeper penetration business after proving ourselves to eachother in this one. I have transferred another minor amount of monies to Mr. J Yomotakas lawyer Mr. Miyagi to cover anymore of the advance fees Mr. J Yakatomo expects to encounter in such an operation. Dont be the sadJelous shy man when you flop your money deal on the table next to Mr. J Yakatomos very big deal. That will only make yours shrivelup and look smaller in comparison. Strictly speaking from what I have seen, Mr. J Yakatomo is very VERY big in the downstairs dept of bank administrations and because of his family he possesses the necessary girth to completely satisfy not only the needs and desires for the complete success of this transaction but many many more multiple transactions one after another. He has shown and proved to me his "Bentknee appoach" face to face front end business model is very effective between consenting business men and is probably the future business of all positions. Where your "Reach around" model of slowly easing in from behind the client is an old approach which frankly Mr. Boatin I was never truely comfortable with and left me feeling sore and caught with my pants down when you to failed to deliver in full and on time.
SO all you have to remember now is increase the 30% for me and offer some assurances of good faith on your part or no deal thank you very much Mr. Boatin.

Yura Polesmoker.

You know it wasn't till after I sent the email I realised I had referrred to my business partner Mr. J Yomotaka as 'Yakatomo' I wonder if that will make a difference in the overall credibilty of my story? Hmm? After everything else I doubt it. This will be the most I've managed to get away with if he responds you know.

I also created another yahoo id for yura polesmoker to try stop that obviously glaring inconsistency, even though I've learned in my dealings with Samson that the only thing I can be 100% sure of with him is his inconsistency. So now, once again I wait. But this time I feel free, and somehow empowered.
If you still wanna play Samson I gotcha game for ya right here buddy.

Haha. He has replied!
And with the craziest email yet. I can't really begin to describe this one. You'll have to see it for yourself in "Scamin' Boatin Saga" part 4. the as yet unreleased mystery special!


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