30 March 2006

Eru - Trend Setting in Processed Cheese.

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*Update 24 May 06 - If you were directed here after a "narcissurf" google search thenyou'll probably want these links because the following is all about me and none of it will be about you :-)
Ego Surf
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Everyone's done it at some stage. It's called narcissurfing: Googling yourself to see where, when, and how many times your name comes up. Well, unlike some of you out there, I have my own Templar Armies, my own black metal band my own servant and priests and not forgetting of course that in any spare time, I am also the one supreme creator (even if only in the fictional sense).
How perfect is it that 'eru.com' is none other than "ROYAL ERU" the famous Dutch cheese makers who are 'Trend Setting in Processed Cheese'? It's also nice to find that Erus out there share similar intrests. I've discovered that ERU is also the Trojan virus Win32.Rbot.ERU and is often found sniffing around looking for a backdoor entrance.
Eru in the Sindarin language means Desert and God (also God in Quenya) and transliterated from Sumerian means 'The impregnator'.
While this Eru was the man, it's not all good out there in the ERU massive, some are giving me a bad name. Oh well at least I've always got Princess Eru.

Other items found during my narcissurf include:

ERU - Emergency Response Unit.
ERU - Error Return address Update.
ERU - Emission Reduction Unit.
ERU - English Rugby Union.
ERU - Equine recurrent uveitis, sometimes known as moon blindness.
ERU - Earth Rate Unit.
ERU - Ejector Release Unit.

Now logos can be a tricky matter, so I thought I had better have a little scope around to see who's got the best ERU logo and make sure the ERU standard of quality assurance
and compliance was being held up.
So here are some of the good and the bad and the just plain ugly logo examples that standout in the bunch.

Economical Research Unit.
Erus has a nice one even though it's Erus not Eru's.
Eru software's logo isn't half bad.
ERU Annual data summary is one of my favourites so far.
This ERU is my favourite. I like how it's almost a cross between Eru and Uber don't you?

The worst example I found hailed from my own country and shamefully, from within the Capital City where I live. Here it is I'm obviously not impressed at all.

So there you have it - the search goes on. If you happen upon anything give me a head's up. Until then, next time you or someone you know pops out a baby, suggest my name.
As you can see they'll be amongst good company.


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