19 March 2006

Eru's LifeCache

Hello and Welcome to Eru's LifeCache.
This is my 1st attempt to start caching my life here on the Internet.
It's also my 1st blog, my 1st post and for someone out there hopefully my 1st reader!
Im not 100% sure where to start so I guess I should start with my goals right now for this blog.

  1. That it doesn't smoke pole. (Unless it's real tasty pole)
  2. That I eventually gain some readership other than myself, my Girlfriend and my Mother.
  3. That I have something interesting to talk about
    next time I'm at an Ooh-Im-Soo-Cool-And-Radical-
    Like-Ohwow-So-Totally-Radical Party.
  4. That I get invited to some of these Ooh-Im-Soo-Cool-And-Radical-
    Like-Ohwow-So-Totally-Radical Parties.
  5. That is doesn't smoke anything other than the
    tastiest tasty pole.

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