21 March 2006

Curious or Furious?

If you have been reading my blog over the last few days then you may have noticed I've been up at some odd times posting. Maybe the fact I turned 30 yesterday coupled with the realisation I will never be a "20 something" again is a possible explantion to account for the recent interruptions to my normal sleeping patterns. I can tell you as many writers no doubt have noticed that in these wee small hours, some very odd thoughts start rattling around in the ole' sleep deprived loaf of bread.

I guess it was no real surprise then, and really more a matter of WHEN and not IF I heard my monkeys of christmas past knocking again...

Well actually in my defence it was really only one monkey Knocking.
Not of the watery variety this time either. This one was a small brown monkey with a penchant towards getting himself into all manner of malarky. You should all remember this fellow and his friend what's his name again? Is it John? I cant remember, but we all remember him simply as "The Man with the Yellow Hat". And the monkey in question? Yup, you guessed it.

Curious George the curious little monkey.

Recently, as odd as this will no doubt sound. I seem to be conjuring up a veritable horde of monkey related memories. Looking back into my childhood there has been many a monkey I have been influenced by. The SeaMonkeys (see earlier post) Lance Link secret chimp and BJ one half of the unstoppable force that was "BJ and the Bear" just to name afew off the top of my head.

But Curious George was a special memory for alot of us out there.
George was a good monkey. He existed as a free spirit with his one and only vice.
His curiousity.
Now "The Man with the Yellow Hat"gave security and authority. He was the embodiment of all that was good and right with the world posessing all the qualities we admire most in the human condition. Strength, Patience, Compassion and Unconditional Love.
Curious George succeded in teaching these principles to children young and old around the World. Which is why, with the help of people like folk singer Jack Johnson, the scared citizens of a politically overcorrected and overculled society can once again welcome George the curious little monkey back into the world with open arms.
Maybe this good little monkey can once again remind us of a simpler time, with simpler truths that existed not too long ago and help us find the answers we desperatly long for.
Maybe its time for the world to revist and rekindle our own curious George or Man/Woman with the yellow hat nature.
It's still there within each of us, waiting not too deep just beneth the suface.

Okay hopefully now I've gotten that monkey off my back there won't be anymore posting about monkeys for quite some time to come and maybe I might finally able get some peace and well needed kip.

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