03 April 2006

Pimp My Culture.

Might as well get used to it folks because is Gold is the new black. Pink is the new brown. And everything must be lowered, dipped in platinum, rolled in Diamonds and spinning on polished counter clockwise custom chrome spinning/floating/picture displying LED 40 inch rims. In this 'Pimp my X' culture nothing is left un-tricked-out.
Not your browser, not your name and certainly not your teeth.
Welcome to your Life pimped out.
Now gimme my mother f#@ken money!
Don't get me wrong on this one. I love hiphop. KRS1, Snoop, B.E.P. (before elephunk and before that skank f*#ked it all up), A Tribe Called Quest and The J5 are all in my favourite playlists of stolen music. But when I heard a 50+yr old 'Grey-Lo' claiming to be down with the Bling Bling, I realised something. Pimped out is the new Sold out. Only dripping in diamonds. Why do we all wanna be Pimp Mac'daddy's? That's the Gizoogle ma' Nizzle.


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